Im finally back again on blog

3 Jun

Hello all!!! Its been a while since i wrote my last blog. Since i have my own tablet now its gona be easier for me to update everyday on my blogs 🙂

How Do You Decide on New Year’s Resolutions ??

15 Dec

How excited we all get just to realize that new year is just around the corner in pretty 15days !!
Have you all decide on new years resolutions ?? Well for my next year resolutions Is to Learn lots more in the accounting field I am and to Complete my studies 🙂 .. I wan to seek better job enhancement !! Future more hopping to learn more in the auditing part !!
Besides that I wan to write more
Reality has taught me that life throws many curve-balls and I need to be flexible!! I feel writing can really improve me in many way 🙂

Approved and Sealed !!

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Day 01 — Your favourite eyeliner

30 Nov

Super Liner Gel Eye Liner !!!



A super strong waterproof liner delivers an intense colour result


Super Liner Gel Eye Liner’s ultra soft creamy texture gives me 24h hour wear. It’s waterproof and smudge-proof, and resists sweat, tears and sebum. Giving me perfect application with the high precision brush, the deep and bold colour result is due to highly concentrated pigments.



My Second 30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Nov

I have seen many people start the challenge, as for me this my 2nd 30day challenge…That shows how i love blogging (Added a New Tab = 30 Days Challenge – Version 2). Plus, it might give me a reason to actually stick with something other than my usual blog themes

Anyway, I just want to try to do something that will encourage me to keep blogging creatively and stay in tune with the personal side of SPEAK OUT .The general rules are to post one “Day”

Here is a list of the days. If you’d like, take the list and do the challenge yourself! Make sure you at least let me know that you are starting it so I can follow your journey too!

Day 01 — Your favourite eyeliner
Day 02 — Your favourite bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favourite brush
Day 04 — Your favourite foundation
Day 05 — Your favourite thing to do
Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty
Day 07 — Your Favourite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favourite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favourite colour
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you’d like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favourite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that’s on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favourite beauty guru
Day 19 — Your favourite look from a beauty guru
Day 20 — Your favourite mascara
Day 21 — Your favourite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favourite food
Day 25 — What do you want to get from luuux
Day 26 — An Item from your wish list
Day 27 — Your favourite skin care product
Day 28 — Your favourite drink
Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww
Day 30 — Your favourite nail polish

Day 30 : A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days !!!

29 Nov

Just to realise that I have reached to my final blog challenge today !!! I have managed to complete my first challenge  🙂 .. I am going to start on my second 30 days challenge soon 🙂

And this is the blog on the final 30 days challenge

The good things that have happened to me for the part 30 days is I am happy that with the year of 2011 is coming to the end I have realised that I have achieved a few of my new year aim’s 🙂 im proud of it !!!

Signing off for the Final 30 days challenge !!!

Day 29 : Something you could never get tired of doing !!

25 Nov

I have never got tired of Shopping !!! I can do it the whole day !!! I can even never get tired of scrolling up and down of my Facebook & twitter page reading whats new with everyone around me 🙂

Day 28 : In this past month, what have u learned ??

24 Nov

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.
Often we find ourselves just taking people for granted and not giving them enough appreciation for what they do for us !!
Lots of things in the past months that made me realize I should appreciate what ever I have and what I am today !! I wouldn’t be what I am today without my Parents, Family and friends !!

Confirmed and Approved !!